5 star ratingIts nine "O" five in the morning and the plumber was here AT eight o'clock, as promised, and my new toilet is in, the old one is gone. There is nothing that could have been done better. This is the way service is suppose to be and we certainly do recommend this plumbing company from our experience yesterday and today.
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About Us

Antelope Valley Plumbing was founded in 1991 by Mike and Cathy Bevington. Mike and Cathy moved to the Antelope Valley from Denver Colorado with their two small children in 1987. They found that they loved living and raising a family here in the A.V. They decided that the A.V. was a perfect place to start a small, family owned, plumbing company and provide fair and honest service to the people of their community. The office is managed by Cathy, while Mike manages the crew of plumbers with the help of Mikel, Isidro, and Tim. Each morning they make sure all the trucks are fully stocked and well equipped with everything needed to make sure every job is done with no loss of time. Antelope Valley Plumbing is also an Authorized Service Representative for most major water heater companies and our employees are PEX certified. We continually strive to further our knowledge and education in the field to keep up with the latest advances in plumbing. Although Antelope Valley Plumbing has grown throughout the years, Mike and Cathy strive to maintain the ideals of their small family owned business. They are proud to say the majority of their client’s are repeat customers who have used Antelope Valley Plumbing for several years and have recommended our company to their friends and family, and Antelope Valley Plumbing even won A.V.’s Best in 1997. We also offer a first time customer discount to all of our new customers. Mike and Cathy have established strong roots in the A.V. and today Antelope Valley Plumbing is well known throughout the community for providing fair, honest, and knowledgeable service just as Mike and Cathy set out to do in 1991.

How We Operate

When you call, the phone will be answered by Cathy or our office manager, Brandi. If you happen to get our voicemail, please, leave us a message, calls are usually returned within the hour. Many companies will not give you a phone estimate. We have nothing to hide! We know our prices are honest and fair. We will gladly give you an estimate over the phone, if possible. It benefits everyone when we can let you know what you are facing before we arrive. We don’t like surprises and we know our customers don’t like surprises either! If you have a problem with your water lines, waste line, your water heater, your disposal, or any of your plumbing and you tell Mike (or even one of the girls) what the symptoms are we can tell you the possible failure is and give you a price estimate. Please remember that we have not seen your plumbing, and that we can’t always be sure until we do, but we can give you a pretty good idea of what it might take to remedy the situation. Some companies have large buildings or shops that they work out of, we do not. Antelope Valley Plumbing is operated from an office located in a building that WE own. Not having to rent a space saves money – lowering overhead costs, so we are able to pass that savings along to our customers. Our building is large enough for us to keep it fully stocked with inventory. Having all that space allows us to buy in bulk, which saves money. Again these savings are passed on to our customers. Every morning our technicians come in and make sure our trucks are fully stocked to make sure every job is done with no loss of time. Our trucks are owned, maintained and insured by Antelope Valley Plumbing. Each truck is lettered with our company information so you will know it is us when we drive up. Antelope Valley Plumbing is also an Authorized Service Representative for most major water heater companies and our employees are PEX certified.

We are members of the Antelope Valley Chambers of Commerce since 1994.

Our Employees

All of our technicians must pass a background screening and drug test before we hire them. We constantly receive calls from customers requesting their “favorite” plumber. When they arrive they are fast, friendly, and courteous leaving a lasting impression.

Meet Our Staff

Mike Bevington
Master Plumber

Cathy Bevington
Office Coordinator